Belur and Halibid

Belur – Chennakesava Temple

In the earlier post I had put my experience in Chikmangalur, but while going to Chikmangalur we also visited Belur Chennakesava temple. The temple is simply extraordinary, though the architecture was build and developed in soapstone but making those magnificent structures is one of the best I should say. For each statue they give great amount of details like ornaments, style they pose etc are simply great. Rather than telling them in words it is good to see some the pictures. 

The temple has many statue and there are no identical statues, each of them is unique. There are about 106 elephants in which each of them show different mood and position. 

Some statue which I liked a most are the Narashima statue it shows the anger of lort vishnu in that avatar. Lord Krishna statue with floot is another unique structure which shows the how the Krishna completely involved in floot playing and the girls around krishna watching them. 

This temple is built during 1117 CE by Hoysala king Vishnuvardhana, the temple shows predominantly Karnataka Dravidian structure.

Halebidu – Hoysaleswara temple

This temple in Halebidu is something we visited when our way back to Bangalore to Chikmagalur. It has the similar structure and design pattern look the same like the Belur temple. This temple is dedicated to Hindu God Siva. Great design and really wonderful architecture around the temple. The temple is now very cleanly maintained and it is been announced as world heritage center. 

Also when I was reading an article recently by Lakshmi Sharath in yahoo life style where I see she gave a great insight on this temple. 

You would get more information and also some more cool snaps in the above link. 

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